Monday, June 16, 2014

Water Bearers

"A world of water bearers, 
filled with thirst. 
Rejecting their personal flowing fountain, 
preferring to drink from public baths." 

- Larry Leake

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Said Jesus, Never

"Thou shalt not use your God-given intellect", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt never ask questions, and if you dare question the conventions and traditions, be ye satisfied with the typical pat answers", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt blindly and unquestioningly believe your favorite preacher", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt not study for yourself", said Jesus never. 

"Thou shalt have no other gods before thee, except your tradition", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt never read a book other than the Bible", said Jesus never.

"The indwelling Holy Spirit shall never guide you into all truth. Therefore, always depend on an external source to guide you", said Jesus, never.

"Start Christianity", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt never be bold and step out of your bubble. Always be intimidated by the voices that keep you tamed and chained to the lifeless religion", said Jesus, never.

"Judge, condemn and be vitriolic to those who don't agree with your interpretation of the truth", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt never follow your heart", said Jesus never.

"Allow yourselves to be bullied and shamed by people who act under the guise of "spiritual authority"", said Jesus never.

"Thou shalt keep the 10 Commandments and the 613 Laws", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt choose your favorite laws to police others (and play victim, when being pushed back), while conveniently ignoring the laws you can't or choose not to keep", said Jesus, never.

"Be ye justified by keeping the Law", said Jesus, never.

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and also, to be self-righteous", said Jesus, never.

"Thou shalt be the Sin Police and Fruit Inspectors", said Jesus, never.

"Love thy neighbor, only if he or she belongs to your same religious tribe. Love everyone else with the sole intent of converting them to your tribe", said Jesus, never.

"Even though you will not give a stone to your child, when she asks for bread, my Father would school you through sicknesses or other negative circumstances to make you pure", said Jesus, never.

“While you walk through the valley of shadow of death, be ye fearful and obsessed about the evil", said Jesus, never.

"Build ye citadels in my name, and employ gimmicks, to lure in people", said Jesus, never.

"Freak out, at all times, for my peace, will I not leave with you", said Jesus, never.

"Ye shalt build my church", said Jesus, never.

"Be ye exclusive, for I have not come to save the world, but to condemn the non-conformists", said Jesus never.

"God so loathed the world", said Jesus, never.

"In this world you will have tribulation; be very pessimistic, for I am a weakling", said Jesus, never.

"God is love; however, minimize His love to the best of your ability. Let your words be peppered with copious amounts of ifs and buts", said Jesus, never.

"Amen, amen, I say unto to you - intimidate, control and oppress", said Jesus, never.

"I am the Truth, but I so desperately need you to defend me", said Jesus, never.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

We Were Risen!

Technically, we, too, were risen, along with Jesus, and seated at the right hand of the Father (Eph 2:4-6; 1:20). 

Oh, and by the way, we = all (Rom 5:18).

Also, note that the Father did not wait for anyone to "pray the prayer", to make us alive together with Christ (Eph 2:5). ;)

Happy Resurrection Sunday, to those who are celebrating.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Ten Thousand Kids in Two Days

"...a large number of so-called born again Christians treated their relationships with their kids like they were little more than a subscriptions to HBO. Sure, some people probably stopped sponsoring their kid and began sponsoring another kid through a different organization. But that’s not any better. A child sponsorship is not a product that can be returned and exchanged for a different brand. There’s nothing “moral” about using a kid as a bargaining chip to punish a Christian organization for making a decision that you don’t agree with. There’s nothing honoring about using children to force an organization’s hand. There’s nothing “pro life” about that. There’s nothing remotely “Christlike” about that. It’s downright disgusting, manipulative, and sad. If I was a Pentecostal, I might even call it demonic."  


"May we wake up from our intolerant slumber…" - Matthew Paul Turner

Read the rest, here - Ten Thousand Kids in 2 Days

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Grocery Store

Bargaining Tools

"Christians can disagree about what the Bible says (or doesn’t say) about same-sex marriage. This is not an issue of orthodoxy. But when we begin using child sponsorships as bargaining tools in our debates, we’ve lost the way of Jesus.” - Rachel Held Evans,  

I, too, watched this ugly episode in shock (but not too surprised), as it unfolded. This has to be the lowest point for evangelicalism, in recent history; if not, ever.


"In the world, if the value of something is always determined by the price that was paid for it, and heaven went bankrupt to get you back, how dare you look in the mirror and say you're worthless?!"

- Todd White

Nobody likes to be manipulated or controlled...

"Nobody likes to be manipulated or controlled except for unhealthy people who exchange their submission for supposed protection." - Donald Miller

Read more, here.

The Mirror

"There’s only one interesting thing about Phelps: He was the mirror that respectable evangelicals hated to look into." - Frank Schaeffer

Read more, here.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


"So much of religion seems to be about fear:  

fear of going to hell; 
fear of having bad theology; 
fear of not satisfying your end of the bargain so God will favor you and bless you; 
fear of others finding out how much you're not really like the person you project and pretend to be; 
fear of trusting your own inner guidance and fear of thinking for yourself; 
fear of not upholding the expectations of your religious sub-culture; 
fear of sexuality; 
fear of people who are different; fear of the world; 
fear of messing up; 
fear of not being good enough... spiritual enough... godly enough.  

I don't know which is worse - the way religion makes us afraid to die, or the way it makes us afraid to live."  

- Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) The Edge